Wool Dryer Balls 4 pk

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Wool Dryer Balls 4 pk

7 Good to Know Tips about our wool dryer balls:
– We recommend using four to six dryer balls at a time
– The more dryer balls you put in with your laundry, the quicker it dries
– Made from 100% wool Handmade in North Carolina, USA
– Sold individually and in 4-packs
– Lasts for hundreds of washes and won’t unravel or shed

Super Easy to use! Simply toss our wool dryer balls into your dryer so they can soften and dry laundry faster. You may also experience fewer wrinkles, less static electricity and even pet hair extraction from laundry.

There is no need for chemical fabric softeners anymore when you use our wool dryer balls. Fabric Softeners limit moisture absorption by leaving chemical wax residue on your clothing, towels, and cloth diapers.

Here is a Tip! Use 4-6 of Shep’s Wool Dryer Balls in the dryer with your Comforter for fast drying and extra fluffy results!

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