AppleCheeks Learning Pants Size Trial

Regular price $7.00
AppleCheeks Learning Pants Size Trial

AppleCheeks Learning Pants are the perfect transition product for the child who is mostly ready for underwear but still has the occasional accident.

This is a trial program so you can try on 2 sizes of Learning Pant's on your little one before buying an entire stash.  

Each package will contain 2 different sizes of learning pants and a prepaid return envelope.  We will ship the trial pairs to you, your LO can try both pairs on to see what size fits best and then you just plop them in the return envelope and send them back to us.  Once we receive them back we will send you a $5 off coupon for any pair of learning pants!


**If learning pants are not mailed back within 1 week after receipt, your original payment method will be charged for the full retail price of both pairs**

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